Real8 ADA TEST Staking Pool


The period of ITN for this network based in Rust will finish on 19th of June 2020. After this date no more rewards will be granted as test is finished.

Participate in the Cardano Incentivised Test and earn Real ADA at the end of it.

REAL8 Stake Pool Data

Hardware & Network

  • @Real8 we believe in full decentralisation and we run our own physical servers, based in Germany.

  • We provide redundancy of Internet Network connections.

  • UPS battery backup system.

Pool Details


Ticker: REAL8

Fixed fee: 0.07 ADA

Percent fee: 3 %

Running v0.8.15 since 2020 March 19th

ID: 31ac89d5288b7c7fef29374cad6a2035b4aa9d168fde8fdf03623d4362207735

REAL8 ranked 6th on Daedalus Ranking  (26th December)

tADA delegated
  • Currently, being a small pool  does not bring statistically many chances to make blocks. However, when we create a block the pool rewards are spread out to fewer delegators and the returns are much higher than those on big stake pools.

  • We have our nodes with the highest uptime ready to create blocks once we get the chance. When this happens the ROI will be very high and will compensate for empty epochs.

  • The Ouroboros protocol takes care of making small pools an interesting place to delegate so that Cardano remains decentralised.



At RealD8 we are committed to operate a reliable ADA Stake Pool focusing on adding value to stakeholders and fortifying the Cardano Network.

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